Department of Cell Biology

miRNAs and Synaptic Plasticity

Figure 3-1

Figure 1. Fear-induced miRNAs, including miR-153, target vesicle transport and synaptic plasticity mRNAs. mRNAs with binding sites for more than one fear-induced miRNA are shown. From Mathew, Tatarakis, et al., 2016, eLife.

Figure 3-2

Figure 2. Fear-induced miR-153 forms a negative feedback loop that inhibits changes in synaptic strength. miR-153 inhibits SNARE-mediated transport of the AMPA receptor (AMPAR) to the post-synaptic terminus and neurotransmitter release from the pre-synaptic terminus. Knockdown of miR-153 in the dentate gyrus region of the hippocampus results in enhanced fear memory. From Mathew, Tatarakis, et al., 2016, eLife.